Nutrition is fundamental and basic to the Kinesio® concept.  

We are what we eat, and this influences both to decrease your pains and to improve your physical and mental shape. We believe that a good, balanced diet based on fresh produce will achieve many of your goals.

It is very important to carry out an initial assessment to find out your eating habits: number of intakes, quantities, types of food, cooking techniques (steaming, frying, grilling…). We will weigh you and take measurements with a plicometer to find out your percentages of fat, muscle mass and water. And not less important is to know your life habits: rest, stress, lifestyle. Once we have collected all this information we will proceed to propose a specific diet for you.

We have both a face-to-face and online nutrition service.


Fat Loss

Gain in Muscle Mass

Hypo / Hyperthyroidism

Vegetarian Diet

Vegan Diet

Alternative Diets


We will recommend what to eat before and after training, how to hydrate yourself, how to supplement yourself or how to perform intermittent fasting so that you can make the most of your potential


In line with our corporate social responsibility, we are committed to diets with organic, seasonal and Km0 products to ensure not only the maximum quality of nutrients but also a minimum carbon footprint. In this way we follow the premises of La Huella de la Alpargata

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