“After several years of experience as a physiotherapist, personal trainer, pilates teacher and back school teacher, I am an expert in movement and human biomechanics.

Through manual therapy, postural control and strength, mobility and balance work, I can help you reduce your pain, treat your injuries, prevent them and achieve your maximum performance, both physically and mentally.” 

Virgilio Ramírez

Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and Graduate in Physiotherapy

“At the Kinesio® centre we use sustainable materials with the least impact on the environment, this being part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

I will be responsible for your care and well-being. Innovation and continuous learning are essential to reach objectives that other models do not achieve.”

Cristina León

Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Malaga

“At the Kinesio® centre I will carry out nutritional advice, diets to decrease the percentage of fat, increase muscle mass or anything you need to optimise your physical and mental performance. I will also work in workshops to empower you on issues of food education, supplementation, digestive disorders or other issues of interest.”

Inmaculada García

Graduate in Biology and Dietetics

Our team

“My name is Saúl and I have a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Málaga. I consider myself an expert in ultrasound and invasive physiotherapy techniques such as dry needling, neuromodulation and percutaneous electrolysis. I also have a broad base and experience in manual therapies and therapeutic exercise.

At the Kinesio Centre I will be able to help you especially in the treatment of chronic pain. We will approach it from a biopsychosocial approach. First explaining what is happening in your body and we will do a treatment based on exercise and movement aided by passive techniques such as manual therapy.”

Saúl Pineda Escobar

Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Malaga

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Our Philosophy

The KINESIO philosophy considers the treatment as a whole.

Therefore, through physiotherapy, training and nutrition, we will achieve the desired improvements and your maximum physical and mental level. We will reduce your pain through advanced physiotherapy and we will maintain it over time with therapeutic training. This way we will give you the tools to be an active agent in your own treatment.

We will improve your posture, avoid injuries and improve your marks through modern and updated training, based on the latest scientific news and with alternative material such as kettlebellclubbell and slackline so that you take control of your movement.

We will teach you how, how much, when and what to eat to have balanced and personalized nutrition. With real, fresh and seasonal food, you will be able to create and establish life habits and thus your physical and mental improvements will be exponential. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

La Huella de la Alpargata

The corporate social responsibility of Kinesio® is one of the bases of the project. For this reason, our goal is to minimise the company’s ecological footprint as much as possible. The materials used in the renovation have a certificate of sustainability, we support the use of filtered water to avoid unnecessary consumption of bottled water, we transport ourselves by bicycle… Therefore, joining the La Huella de la Alpargata project is key to continue being active agents for change.

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