At Kinesio® we are committed to advanced physiotherapy.

After an exhaustive initial evaluation to know the origin and evolution of the pain, we will proceed to propose solutions covering all the dimensions that cause the symptom.

We think the user should be active in his treatment, he is the main agent of the treatment. The physiotherapist will explain why and how to reduce the pain permanently.

The treatment will be personalised and specific to each user in order to be the most effective in the recovery of injuries.

fisioterapia- centro kinesio
Muscle Fibre Breakage

Sprained / Ruptured Ligaments

Chronic Pain

Cervical / Lumbar pain


Shoulder pain

LCA (Stroke)




Dry Puncture



Exercise therapy

ejercicio terapéutico - centro kinesio


Movement as a treatment

There is much scientific evidence that to maintain pain reduction and improvement over time, therapeutic exercise is essential. Once the symptoms have decreased, the improvement must be maintained and actively pursued by the user. Therefore, as it is a personalised service and adapted to the needs of each person, we will work on the stretcher for the necessary time to later carry out the treatment in the room and perpetuate it over time. In this way we ensure a long-term improvement and the user learns basic tools to manage their pain.

Among other things, ideal for:

Lower Back / Cervical Chronic Pain


Shoulder Pain

Long-term Knee Injury

Influential factors in this chronic pain will be addressed, such as kinesiophobia, catastrophism, nutrition habits, rest, basics for providing tools for the user and for them to manage their own pain.

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