Quality is a cornerstone of the Kinesio Centre®. The small groups are from 4 to 7 people maximum, ensuring the best attention. Each user is given an initial physiotherapy and physical condition evaluation to know their history and where they are starting from.

The group work ensures you are motivated and socialized, while you will have the maximum continuous attention from our professionals.

Fisiopilates - centro kinesio


Joseph Pilates said: “A good physical condition is the first requirement for happiness”.

A physiotherapist will initially assess you to find out about your pathologies and your clinical history. In this way, each session will be designed with personalised exercises for each user and other exercises for the whole group. By complying with the basic principles of the method: body awareness, balance, breathing, concentration… you will acquire the coordination between body, mind and spirit.

In Physiopilates we adapt and improve the methodology to achieve your best version.

Entrenamiento funcional - Centro Kinesio


Have fun learning and moving to enjoy life to the fullest.
A professional will perform an initial evaluation of your physical condition. We want to know your previous activity, your squatting technique, dead weight, strides or push-ups to see where we start from with you. Within the group classes we design specific exercises for each user to then continue with exercises for everyone that encourage socialisation and increase motivation.
We train barefoot, working on your posture, mobility, coordination and balance. From these bases we will improve your strength and power to achieve maximum results. All this with innovative materials such as kettlebell, clubbell, slack line, battle rope, rubber or bars among others, standing out from a conventional gym. 

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