Train to improve and optimise your performance. Training to be useful in our environment or to live and enjoy life to the fullest could define the concept of Kinesio® training in a few words.

Is the platform for progress in every aspect. After a personalised physical evaluation, we will proceed to work in a comprehensive manner to achieve the objectives set by both the user and the trainer. The weak links will be analysed and alternatives will be proposed to improve them and the strong links will be strengthened.

We will start at the base. We will work barefoot and on your posture (the interaction with the environment around you), as well as your mobility to be able to reach the full range of movement that your joints allow. We will improve coordination and balance so that the nervous system also works and you get the best results in strength and power.

Entrenamiento Centro Kinesio

Running technique

Physical evidence of competitions


Increased strength

Joint mobility

Pain prevention



Slack Line

Olympic Bar



Training is personal, in pairs, in small groups or online

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